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Create, customize, and organize assignments to teach the exact course you want!

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Create Assignments from Scratch

Create and organize Assignments in any CodeHS course that you're teaching. You can even add custom Assignments to pre-existing CodeHS courses.

Mix & Match CodeHS Course Content

Use CodeHS curriculum as building blocks! You can mix and match any premade assignments to build the exact programming course you want to teach.

Effortlessly Organize Assignments

Organize the flow of your course with the flexibility to add, remove, and reorder activities, lessons, and modules for your section or individual students.

Pace Your Class with Due Dates & Access Controls

Set the visibility & pace of assignments with Access Controls and Due Dates. Assignments can be set to Available, Locked, or Scheduled for a specific date and time.

Access the Free CodeHS Community Banks

Look no further for extra challenges, practice problems or quizzes for your students. Filter through hundreds of activities created by our community of CodeHS teachers to add to your course from our Problem, Playlist and Quiz Banks.

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